Appreciate Humble Pie

Last night while I was studying for yet another licensing exam ( I will save my complaint for another day), a junior colleague came to me and said “I now realize that I don’t know anything. And everything I am asked to do, I will do it knowing that I will learn something No matter how menial the task is.” – Then I gave him this blank stare, ( secretly happy that he figured it out pretty early compared to his peers) and in my naija broken English said ” nah now you dey sabi? Abeg comot.” Granted this junior colleague is Nigerian and he was expecting a response like that from me.

The point I want to make is this – no matter how bad society paints Wall Street, it is the one place that you are guaranteed to eat Humble Pie regularly. Meaning – it’s a constant meal that will be fed to you over and over again no matter how many wins you’ve had and no matter how high you climb. Analyst to CEO = constant humble pie.

Humble Pie – Is a humility meal. It keeps you in check and keeps you in a phase of practical learning. It exposes your gaps and challenges you to fill those gaps with the right knowledge.

With a healthy dose of Humble Pie – you are guaranteed to grow and if you like growing, you will eventually love and respect the meal.

Humble pie and Pride cookie don’t and will never get along period.

Let me paint a real life scenario – Imagine you a fresh college grad graduated top of the class, probably president of several clubs and events in school ( you can imagine how much pride cookies you’ve accumulated )……. and your first day on the trading desk, you are asked to go get coffee for 10 members of your team who have a variety of order request…..and you better get the order right. Pretty sure you are asking – what has getting coffee got to do with this job? After all I didn’t go to school to become a coffee boy/girl. I came to trade! Yeah you did 😳

But here is the deal, getting the coffee is like getting a trade order from a client. Getting several coffees is like getting several trade orders. If you don’t get the instructions right, you are likely to lose money. And who will want to put a first year analyst on the phone to receive orders from a client? How can we test that you are listening and can follow instructions? We test with coffee. πŸ˜‰

So the next time you feel you’ve been given a task beneath you, ask God to reveal to you what you need to learn from the task before you react from overeating pride cookie.

A very important point to note – God gives grace to the humble. And if God is for you, who can be against you?

Until next time stay humble!!

Author: NoggyBest

Daily living testimony of God Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife and Mother Career Woman, Working Mom, Wall Street Woman African, American, Nigerian, New Yorker All about uplifting and encouraging

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