Year ahead? Year in rear view?

Hello everyone.. Merry Christmas! Amazing how 2018 has come and is about to go in exactly 1 week! Just like that we kiss 2018 goodbye. Usually in the last month of the year, folks are just so eager to see the new year; in this case 2019.. If I hear 2019 one more time……. Seriously though, why rush your life away? Every single day counts especially the last days of this year 2018.  Think of all the people you started 2018 with.. how many are coming with you to 2019? I thought so, in 2018 we lost some folks that we wont be able to pick up the phone and call again, or speak to.  Thankfully God blessed us with new born babies.  Let the last 7 days of the year count.  Some of you may have already began to put your vision boards together and that’s great.

This time I want to ask you to do something different: Take out a pen and paper and write down 7 things you are thankful for in 2018. It has to be specific to 2018.  For example, did you take a course and complete it in 2018? If yes, that’s something to be thankful for.  Did you accomplish a goal on your vision board for 2018? if yes, that’s something to be thankful for.  I emphasize 2018 because I want you to be intentional about your time on earth. Every second, minute, hour counts.. and they add up. If you are able to find 7 things specific to 2018 that you are thankful for, you will appreciate 2018 and not rush it off.  And this exercise will help you focus better on 2019.

I am thankful for 2018 despite it being one of my toughest years.

  1. I am thankful that my daughter had only 1 ER episode in 2018. This is a big deal to me given the fact she was born preemie and we’ve had several hospital episodes with her.
  2. I am thankful for winning more souls to Christ than I did in the past couple of years. I felt a release of strength whenever I talked about Jesus. Best feeling ever.
  3. I am thankful for our first home ownership and the lessons along the way.
  4. I am thankful for completing a 10 week real estate certificate. It was a goal of mine and I accomplished it and made some really cool friends.
  5. I am thankful for completing a 1 year Women in Power fellowship program. It was a hard one to complete especially with the commitments it required but I did it
  6. I am thankful for the opportunity of being a manager a work.  This role is quite tough however, it brought out some skills I never thought I had in me.
  7. I am thankful for all the new people I met either physically or through social media. I have found some new mentors that I admire and their story will help me in my next journey of adventures.

As we wrap up 2018, try to tally up your 2018 moments.. and reflect on them over the next 7 days. And while you are reflecting, have a pen and note pad beside you because there will be changes you’ll want to make for 2019. Good luck and have a wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous 2019.

God bless you!

Author: NoggyBest

Daily living testimony of God Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife and Mother Career Woman, Working Mom, Wall Street Woman African, American, Nigerian, New Yorker All about uplifting and encouraging

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