New Week Jump Start

Hello! Its me again. I think we are officially in Fall Season – Yay!  I love the fall – I like layered clothing and I love wearing boots. I love the fact that its cold but not freezing and I love the excuse of having a latte in a warm Starbucks coffee shop or a Korean pastry café. I do wish I can enjoy this fall though.. A few months back I got a bigger job and my entire summer was taken up by this new responsibilities, coupled with moving houses ( still empty, I need some home style design tips), and my mom’s 70th birthday “turn-up”…. I had a busy summer. I don’t want my fall season to pass me by because I am too “busy” – I must enjoy every bit of it.

The point of today’s blog really came from a lovely mentee of mine who listed a couple of topics she’ll like me to talk about.  These topics are real! Like you don’t want to miss them. I will make sure to address one of them this week unfailingly. Since I’m mentally fatigued today and can’t write much, I’m going to post some quotes to get you (and me) going this week.  Ok, here we go:

The first ingredient you need this week is Faith.


Now that you have Faith.. these other quotes will come alive to you.



Ok you are bound to face distractions /obstacles but lets keep things in perspective:


It makes absolutely no sense to give distraction a second of your attention.. focus!


Yes… there are going to be somethings beyond your power.. please don’t try to be a superhero.  Take all your issues to God in prayer and be rest assured that he’s got you. Once you’ve prayed, believe He has taken care of the issue ( you may ask how? – You don’t worry about that, we serve a God of how). Go about your business like everything is fine and truly it is.

I leave you with this quote from Matthew 11:28-30 – Have a great week ahead!


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