Sunday Musings

It was so difficult for me to get out of bed and when I finally did, I barely had 10 minutes to myself before I saw my daughter awake and staring at me with a big smile on her face. How can I possibly say no that smile? She kept smiling as she stretched out her hands for me to pick her up from bed….. needless to say it quickly became about the children and less about me.   Kisses, good morning – bathtime and breakfast. Thankfully I had little bit of assistance which allowed me to sneak away for my own quick shower and dress-up for church..

Speaking of Church.. I need to get back to being at service from the start of service. I don’t want my toddlers to be the excuse for why I’m always late. Needless to say I was late again today.  I made it into half way of the sermon. The title was:  What do you believe and who do you believe? These questions cannot be answered today for it requires a quiet time of reflection and I’ll be happy to share the post with you when I’m done reflecting.  I did enjoy service even though I missed half of it. I was just so happy being around my church family and I’m thankful for them. Some of these folks are going through some tough trials and yet they show up and play their part in church. They truly inspire me and remind me of what Jesus said.

Jesus never said we won’t face persecutions.. actually, he assured we would (it comes with the package of being a Christian) but Jesus didn’t leave us hanging… He said, ” don’t worry, I’ve got this.”


Putting it all in perspective, there is absolutely nothing on earth that I should be concerned about. – Why? Jesus has it covered.

The last few days have been tough, I was on the west coast for work, took the red eye back to NY, got in Saturday morning. Slept for 4 hours and had to dash off to work and didn’t get back home until 9pm. I was exhausted.. Lets not add the mommy guilt of not spending enough time with the kids. So yes I was ready to just come up with an excuse and not make it to church….. but I did make it to church and it became the revitalizing dose of motivation I needed to carry on.  I think if I stayed home, I probably would have felt worse and lack inspiration to write.

Here I am blogging – does it mean work is going to be easy tomorrow? No! Does it mean my children will suddenly jump out of toddler stage tomorrow? No! Does it mean everyone I meet tomorrow will be nice to me? No! …. All it means is I am at peace with it all, I don’t have to have the answers. Jesus said…






Author: NoggyBest

Daily living testimony of God Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife and Mother Career Woman, Working Mom, Wall Street Woman African, American, Nigerian, New Yorker All about uplifting and encouraging

2 thoughts on “Sunday Musings”

  1. Oh la la.
    Woman. You write from every step of the day…every drop of sweat all poured into an exciting emotion that spurs reality ….reality..that’s what makes your blog nothing but so awesome.
    It reminds every woman that reads this that they are not alone…in all we go through by the day..@work home marriage children family and in our own imaginations.

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